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France is renowned worldwide for the excellence of its products, its works of art and of course its wines. This artistic and cultural leading position allows the French auctioneers and auction firms to auction for 1,5 billion dollars a year. www.iENCHERES.com offers a venue for French Auctioneers and licensed auction firms to offer property to willing Buyers at the highest bid.

Auction sale terms and conditions
Our wine auction "sales terms and conditions" can be found at: https://www.oldfrenchwine.com/secure/program/user.cfm (click on the "English version" flag).
Registration is compulsory before bidding. To access our English-language secured registration form, on our wine site, please click on https://www.oldfrenchwine.com/secure/program/user.cfm and click on the "English version" flag.
Lot bidding form

Each lot bidding form is translated into English. Just click on the lot you would like to bid on and then click on the "English version" flag. Only the lot bidding form is translated. If you would like more information about the description, please feel free to contact the auctioneer or the auction firm that offers the lot for sale.

Currency exchange
To access the live currency exchange function, just click on the lot you would like to bid on and then click on the "$ exchange" button on the right side of the page. This system will convert directly euros into your own currency. Please use this function as a quick reference only, as we cannot guaranty its accuracy.

Did you know it ?

Each auctioneer guarantees the authenticity and physical condition of all lots sold by it: you should contact the Seller directly to pursue any claim. French Law imposes a 10 year contractual liability to Auctioneers.

Buy and sell on iENCHERES !

On iENCHERES.com, you can either buy a lot proposed by auctioneers or ask them to propose one for sale, on your behalf. The auctioneers will make their experience available to you with seriousness and professionalism.

On iENCHERES.com, the safety of all the transactions is guaranteed by the liabilities imposed by Law on the Sellers.





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